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MHS School Supplies

Click Here to Download the MHS Supply List

❏ Backpack or other means to carry items

❏ At least one pocket folder & spiral notebook for each scheduled course. May also choose a notebook with pockets and sections for each course

❏ Earbuds (must work with the Chromebook)

❏ Calculator (TI30X IIS or TI 84 plus CE)

❏ Colored pencils (1 package)

❏ Pencils (#2 pencils; wooden or mechanical)

❏ Pens (blue or black, non-erasable)

❏ Highlighters (2 or more different colors)

❏ Erasers

❏ Binder with loose-leaf paper for note-taking and assignments

❏ Post-it Sticky Notes (or another brand)

❏ Calendar or planner (optional)

❏ ID Lanyard

Other Items:

For engineering students, an engineering notebook (available from the MHS bookstore for $2)

For geometry students, a protractor

❏ Moline or Coal Valley Public Library Card

❏ Dry erase markers

School-issued fully charged Chromebook and charger must be brought daily All students must wear current student ID on a lanyard when in the building

Additional items may be requested by individual teachers for specific projects or assignments. Teachers will give plenty of notice prior to the student needing any additional materials or supplies.