Junior Year Information

Juniors are allowed one excused absence for a college visit or job shadow each semester. Students must pick up the appropriate form from the attendance office, take it to their visit, have the admissions representative or employee sign it, and turn it back into the attendance office when they return to school. 
Juniors are encouraged to explore the following opportunities: 
College Board Opportunity Scholarships - Students can qualify for these scholarships by completing six steps through College Board. The scholarships are not awarded until the student's senior year but students can begin working on the steps before senior year. 
ISAC State Scholar Program - Check out the link to learn more about the Illinois State Scholar Program. 
NACAC - The National Association for College Admission Counseling is a great resource for college planning.
Local Construction Union Apprenticeship Programs - Check out this site for information on local apprenticeship programs.
Junior Year