ACT/SAT Information

Students can sign up for the ACT or SAT on their own at any time. Registration must be completed through the ACT or College Board websites. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch may also qualify for an SAT or ACT fee waiver and should check with their counselor for more information. 
Moline High School is a testing site for the ACT, except for the June and July test dates, and students can register for an exam through Click here for more information.  The test dates are listed below.
ACT Test Date Regular Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline - Late fee applies
September 11, 2021
August 6 August 20
October 23, 2021 September 17 October 1
December 11, 2021 November 5 November 19
February 12, 2022 January 7 January 21
April 2, 2022 February 25 March 11
June 11, 2022 (not offered at MHS) May 6 May 20
July 16, 2022 (not offered at MHS) June 17 June 24
The SAT is offered to students at Moline High School during the spring of their junior year. On this day the exam is given at no cost to students and is required for graduation.  
Students can opt to take the SAT on their own at any time. Moline High School is not a testing site for Saturday SAT exams. Students must register for the SAT through College Board. Click here for more information. Anticipated test dates are listed below: 
SAT Test Dates Registration Deadline Late Registration
August 28, 2021 July 30 August 17
October 2, 2021 September 3 September 21
November 6, 2021 October 6 October 26
December 4, 2021 November 4 November 23
March 12, 2022 February 11 March 1
May 7, 2022 April 7 April 26
June 4, 2022 May 5 May 25