Enrolling at MHS

What steps do I need to take to enroll at Moline?

  • Click the District Home tab above, and locate Registration Information under “Parents & Students”
  • You’ll need to register as a new student through our online portal, which will then prompt our offices to reach out to you for additional information and schedule an appointment to complete the enrollment process.
  • Please note the required documentation for completing enrollment, including 3 proofs of residency in the Moline-Coal Valley school district, a state-issued birth certificate, proof of immunization & physical exam, and any transcripts or academic records that will help the counselors identify correct course placement.

Can I visit MHS for a tour of the building?

  • Yes!  We’d love to show you around the building and answer any questions you may have about attending here.  Please call the MHS counseling center at 309-743-8820 to schedule a time to visit.

Can I shadow an MHS student for a day?

  • Unfortunately, we do not allow prospective students to shadow for a day; we would be happy to provide you with a tour, though!

Will all of my prior courses transfer with me?

  • Usually all credits that are 0.5 or 1.0 transfer directly, but any credits that are 0.25 do not, and 0.75 would only transfer as 0.5.  To find out the transferability of specific courses, you should reach out to our Registrar at [email protected] or by calling 309-743-8845.

If I transfer in the middle of a term, how will my current courses be transferred?

  • Courses in progress can be transferred if Moline High School offers the same course.  If we do, then your former school will send us a transfer percentage or letter grade and we will incorporate that grade into your comparable MHS course.
  • If you had an in-progress course that MHS does not offer, then that course will not transfer and whatever grade you have brought with you from your previous school will be dropped.

How do honors courses from my previous school transfer in?

  • We identify your transfer courses with the titles your former school(s) used, including the honors identification.
  • If you transfer with an honors course in progress, you’ll be placed in an honors or Advanced Placement course, as long as it’s offered by MHS.

Does MHS use class rank, and how is it calculated?

  • Yes, we currently rank our students using a weighted grading scale and do allow for ties in class rank.
  • Students transferring into MHS will be included in the class rank the semester after they are first enrolled, but due to size and class weighting factors, it is not possible to predict how a transfer student will “fit in” to the existing student ranks.
  • Further details about calculating weighted and unweighted GPA, as well as class rank for existing students can be found in the first few pages of our online course catalog.

When is the best time to enroll at MHS?

  • The easiest time for students to make the transition is at the very end/beginning of a semester.  Our semesters begin in mid-January, just after MLK, Jr. Day, and in mid-August.  Summer registration typically happens toward the end of July.
  • While semester breaks are the easiest time to start, we’re happy to enroll your student any time in the school year.  Students must make the move from one school to another within 10 days of leaving their old school in order to maintain their course transfer grades and in order to earn credit for the semester courses.
  • Enrollment information can be found on the district website under Registration Information.

Can transfer students play sports or join clubs?

  • We encourage all students to find a club or activity that suits their interests.  A list of our activities can be found on the MHS website under Student Life, and transfer students may join those activities at any time.
  • For our athletes, there are specific rules about how and when transfer students can participate in IHSA sports.  Our Athletic Director will be happy to answer any questions you have about transfer student opportunities and any limitations you may have for competing.  All transfer athletes must complete a Principal’s Concurrence Form to be approved for competitions through the IHSA.  You’ll also need to have a recent physical examination on file and complete concussion protocol information prior to participation.  A complete list of IHSA sports offered at MHS can be found on our Athletics website.