MHS Health Clinic

MHS Health Clinic Staff

Amber Hoogheem BSN RN 

Kelli Avila BSN RN

Missy Rhea, health clerk

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 309-743-8840

Fax: 309-743-9041


Incoming freshman

All incoming 9th graders are required to have:  

  1. Illinois State Physical-completed physical on the mandated Illinois state form. (the parent portion must be completed, signed and dated) 
  2. Immunizations proof of up-to-date immunizations as mandated by the state of Illinois or an Illinois Certificate of Religious Objection signed by a physician.
  3. Dental Exam

Students New to the District

Students entering from out of state are required to have:

  1. A physical examination, on the state mandated form, completed by a physician within 30 days of registration. (the parent portion must be completed, signed and dated) 
  2. Up to date Immunizations within 30 days of registration
  3. Eye exam
  4. Dental Exam for 9th grade students only. This must be completed and turned in by May 15.



School Health Link (SHL) is a pediatric extension of the Rock Island County Health Department,  located within Moline High School but separate from the MHS health clinic. SHL is capable of performing the state mandated school physical. To schedule an appointment call (309) 743-1470. For a complete list of services offered click here.



Medication Administration Requirements at School 

The administration of medicine is normally not a function of education, but if it does become necessary for a student to take medicine at school, the State of Illinois mandates that the following guidelines be followed: 

  1. Provide the building principal or nurse with the district medication form completed, signed and dated by the physician and the parent/guardian for prescription medication. 
  2. Non-prescription medication such as pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, antacids, antihistamines, and cough syrup/drops do not require a physician’s signature but all other information relative to the medication must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian. **It remains the discretion of school officials, including the school nurse, which items may be administered without a physician’s signature. 
  3. Medication must be delivered to the nurse’s office by the parent/guardian, unless prior arrangements have been made to independently carry an inhaler or epi-pen 
  4. School policy prohibits students from having in their possession prescription or nonprescription medication other than inhalers or epi-pens which have been pre-approved by the nurse. 
  5. Medication ordered by an MD must be delivered to the nurse in the prescription bottle with the pharmacy label indicating directions for administration.
  6. Non-prescription medication must be in the original container and administered according to label directions.
  7. Notification should be received when a drug is discontinued or a change in dosage or interval occurs. 
  8. Medication guidelines must be renewed annually

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