Moline High School CNC Manufacturing

Moline High School CNC Manufacturing
Registered Apprenticeship Education & Training Pathway


What is a Registered Apprenticeship?

High School registered apprenticeship programs combine work-based, on-the-job learning with relevant technical education in the classroom. Students who participate in these programs graduate with
• high school diploma
• college credits
• paid employment experience
• training by industry-qualified
• national industry credentials
• start on a career path that continues
after high school graduation HS registered apprenticeships benefit businesses as well, by providing a fresh source of talent developed from within their community.

For the Student

You can easily get the essential skills and experience you need for your future career
through a registered apprenticeship program. These programs combine your current high school curriculum with critical on-the-job training from a local employer.
As an apprentice, you will receive classroom education, technical skills training, and
work experience while earning a paycheck. Upon completion, you will earn a portable
credential that recognizes the dedication you put forth and the expertise you now have in
a particular career field without student debt.

Only Program of Its Kind

in the Illinois Quad Cities Moline High School, in conjunction with
Black Hawk College, the Department of
Labor, and a council of local
manufacturing industry companies have
created an opportunity for students to
earn as they learn, gain certification and
college credit, and invest their time in
hands-on education and industry training
that will prepare them for a bright future
in the Quad Cities community.