2020 SAT Information for Parents

2020 SAT Information for Parents

Moline High School will be conducting the SAT assessment for our senior students on Wednesday, October 14.

Originally, this test date was to be held in March,

but due to the COVID pandemic, it was canceled.

It is crucial that seniors are in attendance on October 14th. This is a state-mandated test that is a
graduation requirement of all students enrolled in an Illinois Public School. In other words, all Moline
High School seniors (even those students who are remote students) must take this test as a
requirement to receive their diploma. If students have taken the SAT before, they still MUST take the
SAT on October 14th  per the state of Illinois.

On Wednesday, October 14th
Seniors will participate in the statewide SAT assessment from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. They will be
dismissed after testing is completed. Cell phones should be left in student’s cars. Students should
bring at least two number two pencils and a calculator.

FAFSA Information to be completed by June 2, 2021
In addition, the state of Illinois strongly recommends parents to complete the FAFSA (Free
Application for Federal Student Aid).
Parents must complete a form in their own Skyward account
(not their child’s), either agreeing to complete the FAFSA or opt-out of it.