*ATTEN* New Construction Parking and Building Access Changes


Exterior Changes:
We're closing the 26th Avenue (southern) access to the student parking lot, closing the southern third of the student parking lot, closing the driveway area north of the tennis courts, and eliminating access to the Chartwell's/Boiler Room parking area.  That means those of you who park in those areas will have to jump to the other side of the building for staff parking, at least through the end of this year.  The BPAC lot is pretty open most days and the northeast corner that is now stripped for staff is also wide open, so I don't anticipate a shortage of spaces---just a shortage of spaces in the area of preference.  
To help encourage more efficient drop-off for parents during construction, we're identifying a new drop-off spot at the north pool doors.  We're also adding signage to this new spot, the front entrance, and the back entrance to encourage parents to pull forward, fill a line, and then drop off, even if that means their student has to walk a few extra feet to the door.  We will also have an enforced NO LEFT TURN out of the driveway onto 41st Street, so if you usually exit that way----be aware that MPD will be enforcing!  Finally, the city will be marking the west side of 34th Street, between Ave of the Cities and 26th Ave, as NO PARKING, effectively creating an unofficial "straight" lane and an unofficial "turn" lane for the remaining student lot entrance.
Interior Changes:
The plan for the building (unless it's changed since I was last updated) is to block off the West Gym at the very start of winter break, in hopes that we will have the renovated areas of the existing square footage, plus the new wrestling room to built just south of the existing gym, finished by the start of next school year.  Keep in mind that this is a plan.....and much depends on winter weather and construction progress!  If all goes according to plan, we'll have access to the new wrestling room, relocated locker rooms, and part of the new weight room by the time school opens next fall.  Until then, Kevin and company are utilizing their resourcefulness and creativity in accommodating about 1800 kids in one gym for all of second semester.  They will be frequently using the BPAC area for additional programming, as well as swimming and bowling units to help ease the numbers, but it will be a stressful time for PE this coming spring!  Let's hope for an early thaw so they can get kids outside again!
The big addition, which will ultimately house the indoor track and 4 courts, will begin as early as possible----I'm thinking this spring.  However, they will be doing a bunch of water pipe additions, drainage work, and ground prep for the cement slab this fall as soon as the construction perimeter fence is erected.  Hence, why we have traffic congestion coming on 11/18.  I'm sending out a Skylert to families on Monday to give them a heads up on the traffic changes.  We're also posting the documents included here on the website for any/all community members to access.  
I just wanted to keep you in the loop as far as I am, but if you have any questions, please let me know!  Thanks again for being AMAZING team members this week, and enjoy your extra long weekend!
Trista Sanders, 
Moline High School