Bulletin Board » STUDENT BULLETIN for Monday, January 7, 2019

STUDENT BULLETIN for Monday, January 7, 2019


Natural Helper TLs will meet today after school in the cafeteria at 3:05.  See you then.

Attention Line O'Type staff: There will be a planning meeting for the next issue of the newspaper in B206, Mrs. Norcross's room, tomorrow (Tuesday) after school.  Please see Mrs. Norcross if you are unable to attend.


Juniors:  Please check your school email for the new Course Catalog, scheduling directions, and list of senior courses.  Look these over before your scheduling meeting next Wednesday, January 9th in the Cafeteria last names A—L per. 2 and M—Z per. 6.



Attention all students:  We have a few reminders for lunch time at MHS.  Each area of the building has designated lunch times and routes to the cafeteria to minimize traffic and disruption to other classes.  Please be sure to follow the designated routes provided by your Period 4 teacher.  If you bring your lunch to school, you must take your lunch with you to the beginning of your Period 4 class.  You will not be permitted to return to your locker during 4th period to retrieve your lunch.  Finally, please be advised that the cafeteria and its adjoining patio are the only locations for student lunch.  Access to other building locations is restricted to those with teacher-issued hall passes only, and students are not permitted to linger in the performing arts center area, restrooms, or other hallways during lunch.