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World Languages and Multilingual Learners

World Languages

World language students will develop skills to learn about and communicate with people of other cultures in a variety of settings.  They will be able to compare and contrast different perspectives and participate in the global community.  Students will work towards the World-Readiness Standards (ACTFL) in Spanish, Spanish for Heritage Learners, French, and French Heritage Learners.  Authentic images, audio, video, music, and literature will be used to develop interpretive skills and understanding of cultural perspectives.

We offer courses in the following:

  • French
  • French for Heritage Learners
  • Spanish
  • Spanish for Heritage Learners
Multilingual Learners

Our staff supports our bilingual and multilingual students throughout their pursuit of English language proficiency. No matter when students join us on their educational journey, we want to put our students at ease and give them a sense of safety and belonging while they are here. 

Our teachers strive to provide students with a balance of English language instruction that develops students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as well as offer various content-area curriculum that is age- and skill-appropriate, culturally relevant, timely, and engaging. We encourage our multilingual students to continue developing their home language literacy skills while learning English so that they may stay connected with their communities and remain active participants on a global scale.