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Special Education

Welcome to the MHS Special education department!

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If a student has an active Individual Education Plan and receives services, these service continuum options exist:

Special Education services provided for 20% or less of the day outside regular classes.  Related services may include consultation, speech/language therapy, occupational or physical therapy, special transportation, help from paraprofessionals, counseling or resource room assistance. A student can be placed in consultative services one or two semesters, but no longer than one year.

  1. Special Education services provided 21-60% of the day outside regular classes.  Direct services may be provided in academic area(s) with resource room assistance available for elective classes.
  2. Special Education services provided for over 60% of the day outside of regular classes.  Direct services in the form of special education classes with integration for some classes in standard programs.  Some students will be integrated for only lunch, PE and building passing times.  All students are encouraged to take part in school activities and clubs.
  3. Special Education services for 100% of the day in a separate public school building.  Services may be provided in an alternate building with a separate program that provides more structure.