Blending Modes

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Smart object toning techniques:

Photography Landscape Mel-con Argument

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Choose the best landscape photograph on this link and write a Mel-con style argument about it in a Google Doc.

To begin with, name three photographic ideas or techniques that the photographer used to make it a great landscape photograph. Be sure to include supporting details.  Ask a friend why they think it is a great landscape, and be sure to include their opinion in your argument. Lastly, write a conclusion that includes both of your examples and your friend's idea.

Yes these are beautiful settings, but remember the photographer did not make them.  What did the photographer do to get the best photograph? In other words, be sure to use your target goals and the vocabulary and concepts to make your argument.

Paste the photograph into a Google doc and turn it in with your full name and year in school in the header.

Landscape Target Goals with links

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Landscapes-Target-Goals (6)


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Drawing a room:

Dali TV:

Masterpiece on Dali:

Illusions Honda CR V

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This video is related to the ideas presented in the Masters of Illusion video:

Photography Monday’s Activites

Hi All,

We will resume the critiques when I return tomorrow. In the meantime, please begin the Landscape unit by answering questions and doing the necessary research. Landscapes Target Goals Use Google Docs. As always use a header in your page   with your full name and year in school.

Good luck with these. I expect it will take you 3 days, more if you visit many tangents. Enjoy your day. Mrs. R

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