Frequently Asked Questions!

What if I am absent? (Full or Partial Day) Parents should call the attendance office.

Parents should call the attendance office.
Students A – K call 743-8811.
Students L – Z call 743-8812.

What if I am absent? (No parent phone call)

Go to the Attendance Office for admit. Have your parents call within 24 hours.

What if I am ill?

Call the Attendance Office daily. If you are ill for three or more days, call or email your teachers. Have someone pick up your assignments in the Main Office.

What if I have an appointment during school hours?

Have a parent call in and excuse you ahead of time. Go to the Attendance Office and sign out when you leave and sign in when you return.

What if I am ill/injured? (In school)

Ask your classroom teacher for a pass to see the nurse. Then go to the Attendance Office and sign out if you are leaving.

What if I need an elevator key?

Contact the nurse in the Clinic, B150. You will need to pay a $5.00 refundable deposit.

What if I need medication at school?

Provide the nurse with the district medication form completed, signed and dated by the physician and the parent/guardian for prescription medication.

What if I am homebound?

Contact your counselor

What if I am late to school?

Go to the Attendance Office to sign in.

What if I need an appointment to see my counselor or a social worker?

See them personally to make an appointment or leave them a note asking them to call you out of class.

What if I need tutoring?

Go to your classroom teacher before or after school and make arrangements for special help.

What if I have locker problems?

Report the problem to the secretary in the Counseling Office.

What if I have a scheduling problem?

See your counselor. Make an appointment during lunch or before or after school

What if I lose my textbook?

Check with the bookstore for lost textbooks or ask the teacher if you left the book in a classroom. If lost, pay for the book at the bookstore and show the receipt to your teacher and they will issue you a new book. If, after paying for a lost book, the book is found, take it to the bookstore and a refund will be processed or credit will be applied to any outstanding balances on your account.

What if I need to use the Media Center during the school day?

Ask your teacher whose assignment you are working on for a pass. Check in at the main desk when you arrive.

What if I lose my ID card?

Go to the Bookstore and pay $5.00 for a new ID.

What if I have something stolen?

If books, clothing, etc. are stolen from your locker see the Dean or Police Liaison officer in the Student Affairs Office to file a theft report.

What if I want to join a club, team or activity?

See the list of clubs on this website and contact the listed faculty advisor or go to the Counseling Office.