Check-out Policy:
Please have your school ID or another acceptable ID with you to be able to check-out books or other media materials.

General Circulation Policy:
Regular check-out is 12 days, items may be renewed.
Fines are $.10 (ten cents) a day
Reference, reserved books, newspapers and old issues are to be used only in the library.

Printing Policy:

Students may print documents while in the Media Center. The cost to print black and white is $.10 per page. To print in color the cost is $.75 per page. Every student is allotted 100 free sheets of black and white. (It will take 7.5 pages of the 100 allotted to print 1 page of color print)

Internet Policy:
Internet use during school hours should be school appropriate and for school work ONLY, as stated in the Moline High School Acceptable Use Policy form.  The following activities are NOT APPROVED during school hours:

Personal E-Mail
Chat Rooms
Bulletin Boards
Non-educational Games

In accordance with Moline High School policy...

  • The Library Media Center is reserved for students who are working on class work.
  • Games may not be played on the computers.
  • Cell phones can only be used before or after school - not during school hours.

Our mission is to help ALL students achieve their highest academic potential.