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Winter 2012

World Book Encyclopedia online.
Columbia Encyclopedia Online.

Mesopotamian Mathematics.
The purpose of this page is to provide a source of information on all aspects of Mesopotamian mathematics. We explain the origins of mathematics in Mesopotamia from the earliest tokens, through the development of Sumerian mathematics to the grand flowering in the Old Babylonian period, and on into the later periods of Mesopotamian history.

Sumerian Civilization Resources. Produced by a History PhD from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Looks very good. The link titled Ziggurat of Marduk is broken. The rest of the links are still live.

Site Links Related to Mesopotamia or Language. This is a LARGE list of links to Sumeria and Mesopotamia.

A sample of a Sumerian Proverb in Cuneform with various English translations.

Iraq's History Page.

Here you will find brief information about the different stages of the historical development in Iraq, from the oldest known traces of the early human populations in this part of the world until the recent days in a chronological order. Covers Sumerian, Mesopotamian and later civilizations. There is no explanation of who the author is, nor his political affiliation. Be aware of the potential for bias here, especially in the more modern times. However, the chronological and social-political information looks good.

Mesopotamian Civilization  Resources. Produced by a History PhD from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Looks very good.


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