Reading to Babies, Toddlers and Young Children: The Why? The  What? And the How?

This five page article provides data supporting the importance of reading to infants, how to select books for preschoolers and tips for creating an atmosphere conducive to creating life-long readers.

Why Babies Need Books

This blog features rotating articles updating parents on the importance of books for preschoolers.

Reach Out & Read

Reading Problems = Juvenile Delinquency

Articles by and interviews with professor of special education from the University of Maryland.

Paper presented at Mayo Clinic on the correlation between reading difficulties and juvenile delinquency.

Fact sheet on the importance of reading to infants and young children

Includes a bibliography for further study

Tips for reading with infants and toddlers

Language development in children

This site includes a chart of normal language development for children.

Universal sight words for K-2nd grade

This links to the Moline District web page > For Staff > grade level shared > Universal sight words.  One can select the grade and view the words as a check sheet, flash cards, or shape cards.

University of Illinois Extension site for early childhood.

Data base for book awards for  literature for children

Information on awards including a calendar for announcement of the latest winners.


Lesson plan for selecting books to address a particular issue in a student’s life

A bibliography of book suggestions for many childhood issues

Another bibliography