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Wiki Summarizer is a site that allows you to search Wikipedia, have articles summarized by key points, and provides lists of articles that are related to your original search. Wiki Summarizer also offers expandable webs of related articles. Applications for Education
Wiki Summarizer could be a good tool for students who are just starting a research assignment and are not quite sure what terms to use or what topics to explore. By using the Wiki Summarizer web view or word cloud view students will be able to find some terms and topics that could help them alter and or direct their searches. In other words, Wiki Summarizer could help students who have a very broad research topic narrow down their searches.

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Google News

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Need More Storage Space? Google Drive for Education Has You Covered

If you store a lot of large multimedia files in your Google Drive account, you might bump up against a limit. Starting this week Google Apps for Education users will not have to worry about storage limitations again. Yesterday, Google announced that Google Apps for Education users will now have unlimited storage space for free.

In that same announcement we learned that by the end of the year Google will begin providing Google Apps Vault for free to schools using Google Apps for Education. Google Apps Vault provides administrators with email and chat archiving, drive file search, email search, audit reports, and tools to comply with legal hold requirements.

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Ken Burns America

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On the Ken Burns America website there is an interactive map and timelinefeaturing images, videos, and audio files that have been included in various programs produced by Ken Burns. You can filter the display according to media type, era, theme, location, and Ken Burns film title.

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Google “My Maps”

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