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Help with Rhyming

If you are drawing a blank for a rhyme,

give this site some of your time:


You can use the following websites to obtain professional copies. You may not openly surf the Web.

Poetry 180

Poetry Foundation


Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Archives


Resource to Read about MLA

MLA quiz

Citation practice

Defining Plagiarism

Quiz Identify Plagiarism

This is the handout you received in class. Be sure you read thoroughly. The ABs are very important to your success on a research paper.

Reading Critically & Annotated Bibliography

"Is Your Facebook Profile as Private as You Think?"

"Online Data Present a Privacy Minefield"

"Digital Breadcrumbs"

"How it can be Used Against You"

"Private Company Access"

"Does 4th Amendment Protect Us?"

The following handouts will help you in composing the definition essay:

Bill of Rights


Use this link for helpful guidance during the research phase:

Diana Hacker

Here is an online tutorial for using databases:

How to Use Databases

Help for developing a research thesis statement:

Thesis statements

Info on how to use research properly in your paper:

How to Work with Information

Info on how to design a Works Cited page:

Works Cited

And finally, online practice with research:

Practice with research

Read the file below to learn the content and purpose of an AB.

AB How To & Why

Per BHC, the following changes will take place effective immediately:

Students wishing/needing to DROP with a "W": Must be dropped 3 days prior to the last day of instruction and/or final. You can give an "Exit Exam" prior to the final to make those decisions, but there must also be a "Final" to follow as a loop hole.

Incomplete Students: "Students who are missing the LAST 1 or 2 assignments"  due to illness or other extenuating circumstances may be identified as incomplete. Once the work has been completed, teachers must complete a "Grade Change" form that can be requested.

Grade Posting: All final grades are due 4 days after the final.

Dropping a course w/ refund: Must be done within 10 days of the beginning of the semester.

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