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How to Use Diigo

You should then start researching your term, how it is defined for various audiences, and collect resources into Diigo.


Review the poems you have created this week. We are going to "play" with the positioning of text versus white space.

Look at the following poems and how they appear differently on the page:

Langston Hughes-Theme For English B

[in Just-] BY E. E. CUMMINGS


Read the following page and view the examples of how to use white space within your poems:

Line Breaks and White Space

Look at the arrangement on the page and see how alternating the balance of text to white space changes the overall effect of the poem. Make changes to your own poems.

When you are done with your revisions, you get to play! Click on the link below to create your own digital sand art inspired by your poems! You can print it when finished if you wish.

This is Sand

THIRST is our body’s warning of dehydration. It is our brain telling us to drink liquids--soon!

Write a poem about other messages your brain is sending you, warning you, pushing you to act using HYPERBOLE.


We are going to conduct a "mini-debate" on Friday. I will announce the "teams" Friday morning.

The debatable question: Should the six girls involved in the racial slur photo be suspended from school?

You should plan:

  1. to be able to argue EITHER side of the issue
  2. to have some support that addresses the three appeals
  3. to argue clearly and rationally
  4. to respond to the other side
  5. to utilize structures from They Say, I Say

The format will be: (approx 20 minutes total)

  1. Affirmative (3 minutes)
  2. Cross (2 minutes): Opposing Speaker(s) asks Q's of Affirmative for clarification & exposing flaws
  3. Opposition (3 minutes)
  4. Cross (2 minutes): Affirmative Speaker(s) asks Q's of Opposition
  5. Break (2 minutes)
  6. Affirmative Rebuttal (2 minutes)
  7. Negative Rebuttal (2 minutes)
  8. Break (1 minute)
  9. Negative Summary (1 minute)
  10. Affirmative Summary (1 minute)

Here are websites that offer information based on your astrological sign:




Read what these sites offer and write a poem about your future...guided or not!


What's Your True Color

What Color Matches Your Personality?

What Color Are You?

Do you agree with the survey results? What characteristics are associated with your color? Why do you think this is? Color not only is associated with the expression of emotions, but it also can influence our emotions. Write a poem about you and your color results.

Click on the link below to go to the Google Form quiz. No notes or text may be used.

Quiz Ch 6-8 They Say, I Say

When you are done with the quiz, log onto BHC and go to the library's online databases. Start perusing the Issues and Controversies and Opposing Positions databases for topics you are interested in researching.

Here is the article we read today (Thursday) using SOAPSTone: The Flight from Conversation

And here is her TedTalk (Friday):


Listen to the following performance poets.

Write in a Google Document what your response it to the performance, the content, the creativity.



The process of conducting research is cyclical, constantly refined and rechecked for accuracy, ownership, and authenticity.

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