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Politics & the English Language

Read for class on Tuesday, 8/26.

Deconstructing A Prompt

Take a look at this Powerpoint presentation.

The slides of greatest interest are 9, 10, and 11.

Take a second look at your Exit Test #1.

How can you reconstruct your thesis?

How can you reorganize your support?

How can you integrate more feeling?

How can you strengthen your opinion?

Below are some links that will support your creation of a children's book online. These sites are free to use and offer different advantages. Check out all three before deciding which one you will use for creating and sharing your children's story.

Story Jumper

Story Bird


The following handouts will help you in composing the definition essay:

Bill of Rights


Grammar Quiz



Click on the link above to take a grammar assessment test.

Submit results to Mrs. MacLennan.

MLA PreTest

MLA Tutorial

Resource to Read about MLA

Drag Drop Practice

Citation practice

MLA Self Assessment Quiz

Defining Plagiarism

Quiz Identify Plagiarism

Use this link for helpful guidance during the research phase:

Diana Hacker

Here is an online tutorial for using databases:

How to Use Databases

Help for developing a research thesis statement:

Thesis statements

Info on how to use research properly in your paper:

How to Work with Information

Info on how to design a Works Cited page:

Works Cited

And finally, online practice with research:

Practice with research

Read the articles below to understand more about the Nature and Nurture debate.

Keep 2-column notes on what you read, dividing your pages into Nature and Nurture columns. Be sure to write the title of the article before taking notes on it. As you change articles, draw a line across the page and then record the next article's title. This way, you know specifically where your information came from.

What Really Makes Us Who We Are

Unique Look at Twins

Human Genome Project

Nature That's It

Which Determines Personality More

Students! Check out an excellent online study tool for the vocabulary units in Word Within the Word text.

Go to quizlet.com/moline1

You will obtain a full list of all the collections!

Click on the unit you are learning and begin your studies. You can play games, "flash" through the digital "flash cards," and review as you need.

You can even print these flash cards out at home for a hand-held version to go!

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