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Here is a link to a third criticism, more recent and useful, for the completion of your evaluative essay.

Minton Criticism Taming Shrew

Here are the critical essays you are responsible for out of the Norton Critical Edition:

Shaw Critique

Hibbard Critique

Garner Critique Part 1

Garner Critique Part 2


Check out this site for online versions of the novels:  Ebooks for All

COMP 102

Below is the pdf to the full argumentative essay we are using for the quiz today. There are twenty (20) sentences numbered. Please open the QUIZ link and complete the Google form with the answers identifying each sentence in the essay.

Argumentative Research Essay Sample (1)


Go to this site and look at the Works Cited for MLA: MLA Works Cited

This site is very helpful in determining the order of information on a Works Cited page: Diana Hacker MLA Works Cited

Helpful list of transitions and use: Transitions

Revision strategies: Revising & Proofreading


Frankenstein online


These resources are to help you polish your essays.

Additionally, there are hyperlinks for grammar practice. Where there are multiple links, you should select two to work through and submit to me.

If there is yellow highlighting on your essay, this marks a spelling or mechanics error.

If there is orange highlighting on your essay, this marks a grammatical error.

If there is pink highlighting on your essay, this is a serious error which will result in a full point deduction if left unaddressed! This highlights a skill we have gone over countless times in class!

Norton Anthology of English Literature

Use this link to read from home about Anglo Saxons in England.

Click on the "Middle Ages" tab up top.

Read Introduction and Summary.

How to Use Diigo

This is a web based program that allows you to collaboratively annotate research and save it.

ACT Online Instructions

Click on this link to access online practice for ACT.

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