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Comp 101: Aristotle

Here is the reading for Poetics:

Aristotle's Poetics

LL II: Broadcasts News

Go to this site: Broadcast News

Read broadly about Ferguson. Listen to at least three different news broadcasts.



Hersey High School's Website

COMP 101: Ethics

Additional article that may be of interest to those who FB:

Facebook is "Watching" You

Again, ethics and you: How does one decide what is right and wrong?

COMP 101: Ethics

Read this article: Sheriff Resigns

Continue to follow the story over the weekend.

We'll talk ethics on Monday.

The pdf below is a more detailed explanation of the process of ethical decision making. Please read for a deeper understanding of what is involved in your own process.

Framework for Ethical Thinking

Consider this approach:

Pepsi's Famous Lines from Movies Ad

Consider also creating a response to your favorite/or most hated song:

Kerry Underwood's song about keying her cheating boyfriend's car: Exboyfriend's response as he sues her for damages in Judge Judy's courtroom

In The Onion style, create an issue out of a non-issue. Write a column/editorial about something outrageous that you observe in your life.

Here are some examples of parodies in poetry:

Parodies in Poetry

Here are some short story examples:

Parodies of short stories

Here are some examples of advertisement parodies:

Ad Parodies

Ad Parodies

Parodies of tv shows:

TV show Parodies

Simpson Parodies

COMP 101: Word Choice


We watched this Ted Talk today about word choice and accuracy of meaning. Students generated a list of over-used, deflated words typically found in their own writing.

What is the author's message?

What should you avoid in your writing and why?

How does this tie in to Orwell?

Below are two pdf's on how to respond to a timed writing situation with a prompt. Preparation is key, as is understanding what specifically is being asked of you.

Timed Essays

Understanding Prompts

Below are links to two pdf's on thesis statements. They provide insights and ideas for how to craft a strong beginning to any essay.

Purdue OWL Thesis

Developing a Thesis

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