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As we head into the home stretch for the exit test, this is what we need to cover for grammar:

Ch 9 (p 232-234) Troublesome Modifiers: MONDAY

Ch 10 (p 250-256) Misplaced and Dangling modifiers: TUESDAY

Ch 13 (p 333-347) Commas: WEDNESDAY

Ch 14 (p 356-361) Semicolons & Colons: THURSDAY

Work on these sites to review pronouns for Friday's retake.


Pronoun Review & Quizzes

Pronoun Practice #1

Pronoun Practice #2

Pronoun Quiz


Please complete the following survey before class on Tuesday (10/11/16):


Today, we are selecting the topics for the mini-research presentation.

Your group has been assigned a number randomly.

Now you are obtaining your topic!


Politics & the English Language

Read for class on MONDAY.

This is the TedTalk we listened to in class today:

This is the website referred to in the TedTalk:

Bot or Not?

Answer the questions: What does it mean to be human? What is the connection between humanity and creativity?

LL 2: Which Book?

Explore this website and select a minimum of three (3) books to look for in the Library tomorrow (Period 6 will go on Thursday due to a Class Meeting.):

Opening the Book

Be SURE to have your MHS Id!

Please read the document below:

Self Reflection Questions

The document provides a series of questions prompting reflection over the last semester as well as looking forward. Consider these questions as a prompt for guided response, not a direct Q &A. Create a Reflection in Google Drive and share with me. (kmaclenn@molineschools.org)

If you want, pull up your self assessment from the beginning of the semester and reread what you wrote. This piece should give you a starting point.

Keep in mind all that you have learned and what skills you have honed this semester.

At the end of your reflection, answer the following in a stand alone paragraph: What advice would you give students who will be in this class next year?


Click on the link below to open a Google Form. Respond as honestly and accurately as possible.

Sophomore Self Assessment

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