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LL2 Moving from RD to FINALDRAFT

For the Causal essay:

House Bill 2

NYT Editorial:

Transgender Law Makes North Carolina Pioneer in Bigotry

Justice Department Response:

US Warns North Carolina That Transgender Bill Violates Civil Rights Laws

  1. DAY 1 & 2: We reviewed examples of Graphic Novels and Cartoon collections. Here is what we did in the Library: Examining GRAPHIC Novels  cartoon ANALYSIS sheet
  2. DAY 2: Handed out assignment: Comics and Graphic Novels
  3. DAY 2: Handed out packet with helpful information on creating Cartoons and GN's. The reading offers elements to consider when setting up the frames and content:  professional GUIDE pt1   professional GUIDE pt2

Additional resource: ToonDoo

COMP 102

Citation for the film production of The Taming of the Shrew by William Ball:

The Taming of the Shrew. Dir. William Ball and Kirk Browning. Prod. Ken Campbell. Perf. Fredi Olster, Marc Singer, Stephen St. Paul. Kultur, 1976. DVD.

Go to this website and enter the classroom I set up:

edCenter MHS Creative Writing Store Link: http://www.bookemon.com/edc-store/2696578

You can also use one of the following links instead which will take you to a different site:

My Story Book

Story Jumper book


Click on the link below to gain access to the interactive Outline/RD for Taming of the Shrew.

Follow the directions, step-by-step, before beginning to write on the Google Document.

LL 2: Taming of the Shrew Outline/RD

Before we start "fracturing," I want you to read broadly some fairy tales.

Use these links to read online:


Brothers Grimm

World of Tales

Story Nory

Speakaboos   requires sign up

Children's Story

You will need to write the title and a short paragraph of how it is different or similar to what you previously knew.


Read for class:

Six Strategies for Analyzing Resources

Watch the following video:

Evaluating Sources for Credibility

Using the handout "Web Page Evaluation Checklist" read through this page:

Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask

IF you use resources not vetted through the databases at MHS and BHC, you need to complete a "Web Page Evaluation Checklist" in order to check for bias and authenticity.

Review the poems you have created this week. We are going to "play" with the positioning of text versus white space.

Look at the following poems and how they appear differently on the page:

Langston Hughes-Theme For English B

[in Just-] BY E. E. CUMMINGS


Read the following page and view the examples of how to use white space within your poems:

Line Breaks and White Space

Look at the arrangement on the page and see how alternating the balance of text to white space changes the overall effect of the poem. Make changes to your own poems.

When you are done with your revisions, you get to play! Click on the link below to create your own digital sand art inspired by your poems! You can print it when finished if you wish.

This is Sand

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