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Today, we are selecting the topics for the mini-research presentation.

Your group has been assigned a number randomly.

Now you are obtaining your topic!


Politics & the English Language

Read for class on MONDAY.



The process of conducting research is cyclical, constantly refined and rechecked for accuracy, ownership, and authenticity.

Read the tips below before moving on to the MicroModules.

Fluency Tips


The above link provides some practice tutorials and challenges in conducting online research.

Work your way through the MicroModules then the Internet Search Challenges.


No text or notes allowed.

QUIZ: Ch 3-5 They Say, I Say


Here is the full length English ACT test:

Test 1: English

This is the TedTalk we listened to in class today:

This is the website referred to in the TedTalk:

Bot or Not?

Answer the questions: What does it mean to be human? What is the connection between humanity and creativity?

LL 2: Which Book?

Explore this website and select a minimum of three (3) books to look for in the Library tomorrow (Period 6 will go on Thursday due to a Class Meeting.):

Opening the Book

Be SURE to have your MHS Id!

The link below will direct you to an online pdf of the text They Say, I Say.

They Say, I Say

We will be starting with this text to hone some research skills required throughout the semester. Please check the blog for chapter assignments and reflective questions throughout the semester as well.

Please read the document below:

Self Reflection Questions

The document provides a series of questions prompting reflection over the last semester as well as looking forward. Consider these questions as a prompt for guided response, not a direct Q &A. Create a Reflection in Google Drive and share with me. (kmaclenn@molineschools.org)

If you want, pull up your self assessment from the beginning of the semester and reread what you wrote. This piece should give you a starting point.

Keep in mind all that you have learned and what skills you have honed this semester.

At the end of your reflection, answer the following in a stand alone paragraph: What advice would you give students who will be in this class next year?


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