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Psychology Review Jeopardy

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Exit Exam Jeopardy Game

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Psychology – Monday May 11th

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For those of you missing today (cough, cough), here is your assignment.  You are to go to the website and take the the notes for the various therapies and complete the Mystery Therapist worksheet.  You will need these to be completed for Tuesday.  It will be necessary for your project you will begin on Tuesday.


Mystery Therapist Activity


Mystery Therapist

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Notes for 5/7 and 5/8

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Here are the notes

schizophrenia dissociative disorders

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Psychology Extra Credit Due by May19th

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Extra Credit Opportunity is due by May 19th.  Please bring in earlier if done earlier!

2015Extra Credit

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Psych 4/5 Tuesday

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End of mood notes and somatic disorders from notes.

Mood Disorders

Then read Chapter 16 page 464-470 on Munchausen's Syndrome and Schizophrenia and take notes.

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Psych Notes 4/4 Monday

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Anxiety Disorders

Mood Disorders

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Stress Portrait of a Killer

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Here is the link to watch the National Geographic Film


Here is the worksheet to go along with it

stress portrait of a killer

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Psychological Testing Review

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Ch 13 Jeopardy Game

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Myers Briggs Personality Test

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Here is the website to visit



Here are more tests to try...


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Take the two…

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Here are two different IQ Tests...

Take the tests...How did you score...was there a difference between scores?



Be ready to discuss.  What kind of questions were asked?  Do you think it accurately judges one's intelligence?  Why or Why not?

Here is the Emotional Intelligence test.


After you take the Multiple Intelligences Test...read article and scroll down to see how you can use your strengths...


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