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Seven Wonders of the World

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Help your class choose the new seven wonders of the world...

Here is the UNESCO website

Here is your assignment.UNESCO powerpoint

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Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

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Here is the website to complete your search...






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Psychology – Sept. 3

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Watch the following documentary from NOVA - The Secrets of the Wild Child



Here is the worksheet you need to fill out while watching this film.

Secrets of the Wild Child Video

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2nd Semester Final Exam Jeopardy Review

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2nd sem jeopardy

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1970s-1990s Review

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Here is the review sheet we worked on today.

70s and 80s_Pair and Share

Here is the 1990s Powerpoint.

The 1990s2012

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1980s Powerpoint

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American History Watergate

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Using the link provided...


Complete the following worksheet about Watergate.  Hint, hint...be sure to scroll down to part one.  Due on Monday!!!


Have a great weekend!

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American History – Tuesday, April 8

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Civil Rights Test is on Wednesday, April 9th!!!!!

You got the terms and people sheet in class on Monday.  If you lost it, it is in the post below.

Here is the Jeopardy game we used in class to review.

Yes, baseball boys you will be taking the test tomorrow!

Ch 28 Jeopardy

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Civil Rights Test

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Test is on Wednesday.

Here is the terms, people and events that you should be familiar with for the test.

Chap 28-Terms and People

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Civil Rights Timeline Extra Credit

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Ten significant events

Must have a title for event, date of the event, a two to three sentence description of the event, and a picture or symbol of the event.

Descriptions must be handwritten and in your own words!

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