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American History – Tuesday, April 8

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Civil Rights Test is on Wednesday, April 9th!!!!!

You got the terms and people sheet in class on Monday.  If you lost it, it is in the post below.

Here is the Jeopardy game we used in class to review.

Yes, baseball boys you will be taking the test tomorrow!

Ch 28 Jeopardy

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Civil Rights Test

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Test is on Wednesday.

Here is the terms, people and events that you should be familiar with for the test.

Chap 28-Terms and People

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Civil Rights Timeline Extra Credit

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Ten significant events

Must have a title for event, date of the event, a two to three sentence description of the event, and a picture or symbol of the event.

Descriptions must be handwritten and in your own words!

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April 1st

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-quiz over 28-2

-notes on Voter Rights Act

Voting Rights

-Read Chapter 28 -3

Tell me the difference between dejure and defacto segregation and give me an example.

Create a Graphic Organizer that outlines the Changes in the Movement - focus on three groups:  Black Power, Black Panthers, and Black Muslims.

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Wednesday, March 19th

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American History

Notes and Read Chapter 28 Section 2 and take notes

Day Two Civil Rights

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March 18th – Amer Hist Notes Civil Rights

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Civil Rights Day One

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World Studies – WWI Test Study Guide

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World War I – World Studies – Test Study Guide

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Latin America and Imperialism Review – World Studies

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Review for Latin America and Imperialism Test

Imperialism and India

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Smithsonian: Vietnam War

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American History Classes...please use the following blog to explore the Vietnam War further.


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Industrial Revolution

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World Studies Students.

Here is the website for the reading you need for review of the origins of the Industrial Revolution.


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