Data Folders

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What is it?

  • a tool used by students to keep track of their progress
  • builds a sense of responsibility for their own learning
  • incorporates Goal-Setting and Data Collection
  • a way to enhance student-led conferences

When and how is it used?

  • to establish “quality classroom” the first week of school
  • goal setting
  • in-process measures – daily/weekly data measures
  • periodic evaluation of progress (trimester/quarter/monthly)
  • adjust or reset goals
  • adjust classroom instruction strategies

Data folders

  • Overview
    • aligned with classroom goals
    • students focus on these questions:
      • What will I measure?
      • How will I measure it?
      • How will I improve?
      • How often will I chart my progress?
    • things to consider
      • Will students set individual benchmarks or use a class benchmark?
      • Students need to be able to know how to improve and set an appropriate benchmark.
  • What does it include?

Templates of charts/graphs that can be used in the data folders:

For more data folder templates visit

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