MHS Cheerleading Contract



  • To encourage school spirit and pride in Moline High School
  • To promote physical and mental development
  • To develop lifelong values and skills


  • To provide opportunities for participation in a wide variety of activities during the season
  • To be an integral, well-coordinated part of the secondary school curriculum
  • To assist participants in the development of athletic and leadership skills
  • To develop effective time management strategies
  • To develop socially through cooperation and appropriate standards of behavior


  • Promote and uphold school spirit, unity and pride
  • Represent the school to the highest degree
  • Set an example of good behavior and sportsmanship at all times (whether in uniform or not)
  • Promote friendship with each other and with schools with whom we perform and go to camp
  • Promote the development of lifelong values and skills


Membership on a cheer squad offers a unique opportunity for personal growth, leadership, and involvement in diverse activities. The attitude, dedication, and enthusiasm of the squad members are just as important as the skills involved in spirit leading. Members of the cheer squad are committed to the highest level of athleticism, performance, self-discipline, respect for the school and others, personal exemplary conduct and the performance of all responsibilities related to the pursuit of school spirit and pride. Furthermore, cheerleaders demonstrate a proven ability to balance academic requirements and demands with extra-curricular and personal activities.


  • Cheer at football and boys’ basketball games
  • Participate in & support Homecoming Week
  • Support and perform at pep and recognition assemblies
  • Provide to the school when needed
  • Perform community service under the umbrella of Moline High School Cheerleaders


  • Ensure equal opportunity to all students without regard to gender, race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry or economic capability
  • Emphasize the ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, integrity, accountability, and fair play
  • Abide by all school, district and league rules
  • Show courtesy to all visiting teams, competitors, hosts and officials
  • Respect the integrity and judgment of all sports and competition officials


Cheerleaders understand that teamwork and the maintenance of discipline is key to the success of the spirit program. Cheerleaders are dedicated to promoting spirit, enthusiasm, and a positive winning attitude through example. Adherence to the Cheer Program Rules and Regulations is vital to achieving these goals. All members realize that the manner in which they conduct themselves, in or out of uniform, directly reflects on the entire team and school.

It is recognized that these standards are necessary to maintain squad morale, squad and individual discipline, and effective learning. Consistent enforcement of rules and regulations is also necessary to ensure the safety and general well being of each individual spirit leader. Participation in spirit leading is voluntary, not mandatory. It is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked by the school personnel when a spirit leader violates the rules and regulations.


  • Everyone must turn in the permission slip and grade sheet before trying out.
  • No member will be allowed to tryout unless they have turned in their uniform or paid any outstanding cheer balance.
  • All cheerleaders will abide by all the rules and regulations at MHS.
  • All members must read, sign, and follow the MHS athletic rules and regulations sheet.
  • All members must follow the MHS athletic code at all times.  If found in violation of the athletic code, you may be removed from the squad.
  • All members must meet the academic standards set by MHS to participate in cheerleading (Must be passing 4 classes).
  • All members must purchase a student activity ticket.  You will not be allowed to cheer until you purchase one.  However, if you qualify for the MHS book fee waiver, you are exempt from purchasing a ticket.
  • Members must maintain good citizenship marks, attendance, class performance and teacher recommendations during the time on the squad and for try-outs.  Failure to do so may result in removal from the squad.
  • All members must have a physical and signed contract on file with the athletic department before practices begin.
  • Cheerleading must take priority over all other extra-curricular activities (including jobs) for the entire time of commitment.
  • If selected as a cheerleader, no one may participate on any All-Star squad once the MHS cheer season has begun.
  • You may participate in outside tumbling lessons.
  • All practices and games are mandatory.
  • All members are expected to take part in fundraisers.


Fall Varsity Squad – Will consist of 11-12 graders and no more than 24 girls*

Fall JV Squad – Will consist of 9-10 graders and no more than 14 girls*

Winter Varsity Squad – Will consist of 11-12 graders and no more than 24 girls*

Winter JV Squad – Will consists of 9-10 graders and no more than 14 girls*

*Squad numbers will be determined by coaches.


  • Candidate must have turned in all required tryout paperwork (permission slip and application) by the second day of the cheer clinic (Tuesday, April 12th), or they will not be allowed to tryout.
  • Tryouts are closed.  Only the candidate groups will be in the judging room at one time.
  • Tryouts will start promptly at 4:00 in the MHS gymnastics room.  You may leave after you have finished your tryout.
  • Candidates will perform in front of a panel of qualified judges and demonstrate the required set of skills.
  • The scoring will be based on a 1-10 point system.
  • Further details concerning the scoring rubric will be given during the clinic days.
  • Judges scores are final.
  • There will be a 2-day clinic where tryout material is taught.
  • Candidates will perform running and standing tumbling, jumps, a floor cheer, and a dance.
  • The floor cheer and dance will be taught at the clinic.
  • Tryout order will be determined by a random drawing of numbers by the candidate during the clinic week.
  • There will be 2 or 3 candidates trying out per group depending on the number of candidates.
  • Each candidate must wear solid shorts (no print), an all white shirt, and appropriate tennis shoes.
  • Hair must be pulled away from face (preferably in a ponytail).
  • No jewelry.
  • Cheer squad(s) results will be posted by 8AM the next morning by the Athletic Office.
  • Upon making the squad, the cheerleader will need to request a Cheerleading Contract from the secretary in the Athletic Office, Mrs. Valladeres.
  • There will be a mandatory meeting for all cheerleaders and parents following tryout on Monday, April 19th at 6:00PM in room J222.
  • Signed Cheerleading Contracts are due at this first meeting.


  • The squad members will select two captains from the varsity squad in the fall and winter.
  • Responsibilities of the captains will be: creating, learning, and teaching chants, and dances, etc. to all members of the squad.
  • Having final decisions with the coaches’ approval on any clothing designs
  • Having final decision regarding game day attire to school and at games
  • Informing coaches of any squad issues and working with coaches and squad to resolve all matters
  • Must bring squad in and lead warm ups
  • Responsibilities of the captains are motivation, leading squad at games, liaison between coach and squad, completing the needed forms for all finances, help and support team members to perform the needed tasks of a cheerleader at Moline High School.


  • Promoting good sportsmanship by way of example is required at all times. Members must not use foul language at practices, in school, at games, camp or competitions, etc.
  • Excessive public display of affection is not appropriate, especially in uniform, at games or in school setting.
  • Proper appearance is required at all times, with clothing appropriate to the occasion.
  • By being part of the cheerleading squad, you are accepting the fact that your actions are more prominent than those not associated with such an activity. Because of this, exemplary behavior is mandatory at all times, anywhere in the community and at all school functions where you are a representative of Moline High School.
  • Members must cooperate and respect all faculty members, squad members, game officials and coaches.
  • Cheerleaders must display proper behavior in class, including being on time, not skipping and not cheating.
  • Each case of discipline will be judged individually. The advisor/coach, with the assistance of the administration if deemed necessary, has the final decision in any discipline situation.
  • Every attempt will be made to discipline fairly/equally, and to make consequences of actions known ahead of time. Parents will be kept informed of problem situations. Severity of, or repeated offenses may dictate harsher action.


  • One person being absent affects the entire squad. It is important not to inconvenience the practice time of the entire squad by being absent.
  • Absences should always be avoided when possible.
  • Absences must be excused by a note from your parent if you are sick.
  • Missing a scheduled practice the day before a game might result in the individual not performing at the game.
  • Absences due to work schedules are unexcused. Jobs must work around the cheer squad schedule.
  • Any unexcused absence from a practice or game will result in removal from the squad.


  • Practices are mandatory.
  • All practices are closed practices.
  • Cheerleaders must arrive to practice on time and stay until practice concludes.
  • Cheerleaders need to be wearing proper shoes and clothing.
  • Hair needs to be out of the eyes.
  • Chewing gum or eating during practices is prohibited.
  • No jewelry.
  • All taping or visits to the trainer must be done prior to start time.
  • If you are not participating in a stunt or pyramid, you will be required to spot, work on dances, tumbling, new cheers, etc.
  • Make a habit of bringing a notebook and/or calendar and pen to practice.  You will need to write down important times and dates.
  • All tutorials, make-up work, or testing should be done before school as to not interfere with the practice schedule.  Tardiness will only be excused with a teacher’s note in which the coaches will verify with the teacher.
  • If you have to miss practice for any reason, you are required to notify the cheer coach. See Demerit/Merit section for consequences.
  • If you do not attend at least 3 classes the day of practice, you cannot attend practice.  Coach needs to be notified by either you or your parent. Failures to notify your coach will result in a demerit.
  • Missing practices due to illness can still lead to being removed from a routine, a position or stunt, due to not physically being available to practice.
  • Safety is our first priority.  No excessive horse-playing.  Never stunt without the coach present.
  • Cell phones can only be used before or after practice, unless approved by a coach.


  • All games are mandatory.
  • Members are required to arrive before the game.
  • All taping or visits to the trainer must be done prior to the “20 minute before game” time.
  • Cheerleaders must be on the court/field before the game clock resumes after half time.
  • All spirit squad members must know all the cheers and routines for the game. Sitting out is unacceptable.
  • Members are required to dress in full uniform.
  • Hair must be pulled back away from the face.
  • Make-up should be worn in moderation.
  • No jewelry.
  • Nails need to be athletic length.
  • There is no chewing gum or eating during games.
  • If you do not attend at least 3 classes the day of practice, you cannot attend practice.  Coach needs to be notified by either you or your parent. See Demerit/Merit section for consequences.
  • Socializing with friends while the game is in progress is not allowed.
  • During game suspensions, the squad member will sit in uniform with the coach for the entire game and help where needed.
  • It is the responsibility of the cheerleaders to participate and be punctual for the selling of the 50/50 tickets.


  • Cheerleaders weekly will be required to do special things for the football and basketball players such as writing notes of encouragement, making goody bags, decorating lockers, making hallway signs, etc.  Every girl will be given a certain number of players at the beginning of each season. Failure to do so will result in demerits.
  • ALL cheerleaders shall dress as a squad on game days. Friday is Spirit Day!


  • Participants selected as cheerleaders must attend a summer cheerleading camp.
  • Camp is strongly recommended.
  • A deposit of $50 will be asked for at the first meeting with the remainder due before May 13.  All Checks should be made out to Moline High School.  Payment plans are available.
  • It is the responsibility of the cheerleader to arrange transportation to and from camp.  More information will be given at the first meeting.
  • All MHS school rules and regulations will be enforced during camp.


  • Uniforms will be provided by MHS.  Cheerleaders will be responsible for taking care of their uniform.
  • No alterations may be made to any uniform piece without coaches’ permission.
  • Cheerleaders will be responsible for lost or damaged uniform pieces.  Charges will include a replacement charge, as well as a restocking fee.  It can be very costly.
  • Cheerleaders are responsible for purchasing items needed throughout the season.  You will be asked for a deposit before school is out for the summer.  Cheerleaders will not receive any cheer items until paid for in full.  Items are as follows:
  • Shoes $75
  • Poms $25
  • Lollies $20
  • Camp Attire $80
  • Camp $309
  • Sweatshirts/Sweatpants $50
  • Cheer Bag $40 (freshman only)
  • Cheer Bow $20
  • T-shirt $40 (long and short sleeve)
  • Dry Cleaning/Repairs $15
  • Total $665.00 (with bag)
  • Total $625.00 (no bag)
  • Please keep in mind after purchasing these items, they are yours to keep.
  • $50 check made out to MOLINE HIGH SCHOOL will be due on April 19th at the parent meeting.  This deposit secures our payment for camp.
  • $330 check made out to MOLINE HIGH SCHOOL will be due on or before May 13th.  This is the remaining cost of camp and camp attire.
  • $285 (bag)/$245 (no bag) check made out to MOLINE HIGH SCHOOL will be due on or before June 30.  This covers the cost of all additional preseason and during season supplies.
  • Demerits will be given for not meeting expense deadlines.


  • Uniforms are provided by the school and must be cleaned and pressed.
  • Team athletic shoes must be clean.
  • Do not use profanity, or misbehave in any of your cheerleader apparel or while representing MHS at any event.
  • No jewelry is allowed during practices, performances or games.
  • You may not wear your cheerleader uniform on off-campus, to any event, parades, etc. without the permission of your coach.
  • Uniforms will be collected at the end of the season.  You are responsible for all items.  If returned dirty or torn, you will be billed.
  • Fingernails must be sports length.
  • No gum chewing during practices, performances or games.
  • All phones must be turned off during practices, performances or games.
  • Hair must be pulled back, out of the eyes.
  • Cheerleaders will not loan out any piece of their uniform to anyone. Warm-ups and sweatshirts are considered part of your cheer wardrobe and should not be worn by anyone other than you or at any other time other than cheer activities.
  • Cheerleaders must wear their uniforms or team-designated outfit to school on game days.
  • Not having a complete uniform will result in not cheering for that game.


  • Placement for performances and cheer lines will be based on participation, ability and effort. At the time of performance, if a team member does not have the routine clean enough for performance, they may be asked to sit out the performance.


  • Cheerleaders are not allowed to drive to away games. They must ride in either school transportation or authorized transportation.
  • Cheerleaders must be fully dressed in uniform or warm-ups when they arrive to ride the school transportation. 
  • JV can leave away games with a parent after ½ time but must speak directly to one of the coaches.

MERIT/DEMERIT SYSTEM (Please Read Carefully)

  • Any amount of demerits/merits can be given out at any time by the coach’s discretion.
  • If you are at school, be at practice/game
  • Demerits are given for lack of complying with previously signed MHS Cheerleading Contract.
  • For an excused absence to a practice: a timely phone call – 1 demerit; an untimely phone call – 2 demerits; no phone call – 3 demerits; no call no show – determined by coaches
  • Any unexcused absence (ie. doctor appointment, work, etc.) from a game or practice will result in immediate removal from the squad.
  • Missing a game with an excused absence (ie. funeral, sick, etc.) results in missing one game per the MHS Athletic Code.
  • Meet deadlines/do assigned jobs correctly (Amount of demerits determined at that time of the missed deadline or incomplete job assignment).
  • Wear correct uniform (Forgotten pieces of uniform, incorrect pieces of uniform or forgotten supplies will result in demerit(s) amount determined at that time.)
  • Respect everyone and have fun!!!! (Bad attitudes/disrespect to teammates, coaches, teachers, administrators or parents will result in demerit(s).
  • This will not be discussed. It/they will just be given.  When you are asked to sign, additional demerits will be given for not accepting the demerit appropriately.
  • Merits are given for conduct above and beyond the expectations of a cheerleader.  One merit will erase one demerit.  Examples of merits are: creating an extra sign for the hallway, assisting a 7th or 8th grade squad at Wilson or John Deere, creating locker signs for our squad, or any other approved merit to be determined by cheerleader and coach.
  • 3 Demerits – written warning from coaches, parent notification, and/or possible suspension (determined by coaches and/or administration)
  • 5 Demerits – removal from squad
  • When merits/demerits are issued, the coach and student will sign the merit/demerit log for acknowledgement.
  • It is recommended that when a demerit is received, a merit is earned as soon as possible.  Earning a merit after a 3rd/5th will not prevent a written warning or removal from squad.

I, _____________________________________, have read the MHS Cheerleading Contract and agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in this contract.

Student Signature                                                                                                                        Date

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                                            Date

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