Taking Care of your Uniform

It’s important that you know the best way to take care of your cheer uniform.  They’re expensive, and we need them to last; besides the fact that we want you to look your best while wearing the uniform.

For best results, machine wash your garments separate from other items.  Garments that are washed with your uniform can shed lint, which can stick to the lettering on your cheer uniform.  Once it has been washed, in cold water (never hot), remove it immediately once the cycle has finished.  Leaving your wet uniform in the wash can lead to bleeding of fabrics, tons of wrinkles, and a foul smell (yuck).  Once it’s been removed, do not machine dry your uniform.  Machine drying your uniform can cause the pleats to round and make it look sloppy.  Instead, hang it up to dry.  It should take about two hours to dry, but if you do this, it will keep your uniform looking crisp and clean.

You should NOT iron your uniform or take it to the dry cleaner.  Dry cleaners use a special chemical, which can damage your cheer uniform.

If, throughout the season, you realize that your cheer uniform needs mended, please show your coach.  She will approve the method for mending: parent, professional mending, or other.

At the end of the season, you will be expected to turn in all five pieces of your uniform.  If you cannot do that, you’ll need to pay the cost to replace the uniform piece.  Keep in mind that you are responsible for your uniform.  Don’t leave it out in the open for someone to confuse as their own.  Safeguard it the best way you know how.  I recommend always placing uniform pieces in your cheer bag and zipping it completely.

Note to seniors: You have one year to get senior pictures taken.  You will be expected to get pictures taken before April.  Uniforms will NOT be loaned out for you to get pictures taken.

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