Clubs and Activities

MHS Clubs and Activities 2014 – 2015 GET INVOLVED!

Academic Team – The MHS Academic Teams compete in Scholastic Bowl tournaments on Saturdays in Illinois from mid-October through March.
Sponsors - Mrs. H. Anderson, Varsity coach (E102) and Mrs. K. Anderson, Frosh-Soph coach (E314) Weekly practices held for Varsity squad from 3:15 – 4:15 p.m. on Tuesdays in E102.

Weekly practices held for Frosh-Soph squad from 3:15 – 4:15 p.m. on Tuesdays in E314.

Art Club – Open to any student who enjoys doing art and talking about art. Sponsor – Mr. DiGioia (E114)
Meetings held weekly in E114.

Authentic Voices – Open to all female students, this group offers a variety of activities that promote individual growth, self-confidence, goal setting, respect for self and others, problem solving skills, and school/community involvement.
Sponsors – Ms. Dell (B115), Mrs. Anderson (E314), Mrs. Hoover (Counseling)

Meetings held twice a month, periodically, during the school day.

Bass Team – Competitive and non-competitive bass fishing team. Sponsors – Mr. Albrecht (B322)
Meetings times vary.

Book Club – Open to all students and faculty who would like to read, eat, and have fun discussing books that have been read by the group the previous month.
Sponsor – Mrs. Mesick (Media Center)
Meetings held the 3rd Tuesday of each month in E204 during 4th period.

Chess Club – Open to anyone interested in learning more about chess while competing against other students and other schools.
Sponsors – Mr. Thompson (J206) and Mr. VanVooren (E207)
Practices held every Monday from September through February from 3:15 – 4:30 p.m. in J206.

Crime Stoppers - This club promotes school and community safety. Members participate in the Homecoming parade, Crime Stoppers Run and various fundraising activities.
Sponsor – Det. Eddie Alaniz (Dean’s Office)
Meetings held the 3rd Thursday of the month after school in B152.

Debate Team – Debate Team members compete against students from other schools in Illinois and Iowa in IHSA competitive debate. For more information, see Ms. Guerdet (J220).

Drama Club/Thespians – Any student may join the Drama club that promotes dramatics at MHS, as well as in the community. Students go to workshops, attend plays and other activities involving theater. Thespians is an honor society for theater. Points can be earned for induction by acting in shows, doing technical work, helping behind the scenes, and attending other productions. The more points you earn, the more honors you receive.

Sponsor - Mrs. Griesenbeck (B214)
Meetings held Tuesdays from 3:10 – 3:30 p.m. in E204.

Drama (Fall & Winter Plays) – Opportunities are available for students interested in both performing and technical theatre. Students who want to be members of the casts need to audition. Anyone interested in technical or stage crews should sign up with the director. Students are also encouraged to attend drama club meetings, where audition information can be found for the mainstage shows, improv room, and student directed one acts.

Sponsors - Mrs. Griesenbeck (B214) and Kathy Graham

Encore! is Moline High School's competitive acting troupe and speech team. An auditioned group of 26 - 30 sophomore through senior members, these are students who are dedicated to enhancing their performance skills through committed learning, training, and performing. Besides weekly rehearsals and trainings, the troupe competes at tournaments across the state during the winter season.

Sponsor: Mr. Calvin Vo
Meetings are on Tuesdays at 3:30 p.m. in E204.

FCA – The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a student based and student led organization. This club provides an opportunity for students to be leaders both at school, church, and in the community. Their mission is to demonstrate commitment to Christ through integrity, teamwork, serving and excellence. Sponsor - Mr. Carther (E215)

Meetings held every Wednesday after school in E215.

French Club - Open to students taking French to have fun, learn about the cultures of the French-speaking world, and do service projects for the school and community.
Sponsor - Madame Larson (J329)
Meetings held on Thursdays once a month from 3:10 – 4:00 p.m.

Gay Straight Alliance – A friendly environment for members of the LGBT community and their allies. Sponsor – Mrs. Cook Gregory (E311) and Mrs. Mesick (Media Center)
Meeting held Fridays in E311.

Health Occupation Student Association (HOSA) – Club to help students explore health and medical fields.
Sponsor – Mr. Mahieu (J138) and Mr. Phelps (E107)
Meetings held twice per month in J138.

Interact Club – Rotary sponsored student organization aligning with the goals of service to school, community, and global by completing one service project for each category. Open to any interested student.
Sponsor – TBA

Meetings held on Wednesdays after school in B131.

Intramurals – Intramurals provide competition in sporting events for the entire student body throughout the school year, such as mini golf, sand volleyball, basketball, ping-pong, dodge ball, fishing.
Sponsor – Mr. Larson (J212) and Mr. Thompson (D wing)

Jazz Band – This musical group performs several concerts during the school year as well as at two contests.
Sponsor - Mr. Morton (Band Room)
Rehearsals held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. in the Band Room.

Kaleidoscript – A creative arts magazine published annually containing original works from MHS students. Entries include photography, paintings, graphic design, poetry, short stories and much more. All MHS students are eligible to participate in the club and contribute to the development of the magazine. Activities include attending a high school creative writing conference, listening to local writers/artists, and visiting local hubs of creativity. Fundraising efforts are also part of membership as well as weekly meetings.
Sponsor - Mrs. MacLennan (B215) and Ms. Hays (B217)
Meetings held on Tuesdays when announced in B215 at 3:15 p.m.

Key Club – Open to any interested student, Key Club provides service to the school and community, provides leadership training, and promotes learning experiences outside of the classroom. The major service/fundraising activity is the Student Food Drive.
Sponsor – TBA

Meetings held as announced.

Latinos Unidos – Latinos Unidos gives students interested in the Latino culture the opportunity to meet in a social setting.
Sponsor - Mr. Castro (J322)
Meetings held as announced in J322.

Line O’ Type newspaper – The school newspaper tries to print an issue each month and covers such stories as events, sports and issues that affect the students of Moline High School.
Sponsors - Mrs. Blackall (B201), Mrs. Norcross (B206), Mr. Bohnsack (B321)
Meetings are on Wednesdays after a newspaper comes out in B201.

Link Crew – Link Crew is a freshman transition program that utilizes juniors and seniors as Link Leaders. As positive role models, Link Leaders are motivators, leaders and teachers who guide the freshmen to discover what it takes to be successful in high school. Link Leaders are selected in the spring through an application process.

Sponsors – Mrs. Sommers (B107), Mrs. Sanders (Counseling), Mrs. Hays (B217), Mr. Lindstrom (J128)

“M” yearbook – The “M” staff plan and create the yearbook for the school, capturing the many highlights and events that occur throughout the year.
Sponsor - Ms. Hafner (B201)
Meetings as announced in B201.

Musical – Sponsor - Mr. May (Choir Room)

Natural Helpers – This is a group of around 120 students who stay actively involved as they learn listening and helping skills. Students will be selected by a survey of the whole school in October. Sponsors – Mrs. Hoover (Counseling Center), Mrs. Hays (B217), Mrs. Meneses (J210), Mrs. Bibens (B157)

Meetings held twice a month in J138.

Pep Band – The Pep Band performs at all home Boys’ Basketball games and two selected Girls’ Basketball games.
Sponsor - Mr. Morton (Band Room)

QC Scholars – This club is open to all minority students and women students. The goal of the group is to increase the pool of minority students who go to college, especially in business and engineering. This organization helps students get ready for college.
Sponsor - Mr. Carther (E215)

Meetings held every Wednesday morning in E215.

Random Acts of Kindness Club (RAK Club) – The Random Acts of Kindness Club aims to make MHS and our surrounding community happier, friendlier places one small act of kindness at a time. The Club sponsors and participates in year round activities and is always open to new members and new ideas. Sponsors – Ms. Hays (B217) and Ms. Ciucci (J323)

Meetings are held on random Mondays (usually twice a month) in B217 or J323.

Science/Robotics Club – The MHS Science/Robotics Club provides extracurricular opportunities in science. The recent focus of the group has been the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition. Other activities are available depending on student interest.
Sponsors – Mr. Blunt (E305), Mr. Carlough (D107), Mrs. Fitzpatrick (E301) for more information. Meetings – TBA

Spanish Club – This club is for Spanish students and any other student who are interested in the culture of the Spanish speaking world. Activities include games, crafts, food, and service activities.
Sponsors - Mrs. Johnson (J328)
Meeting times vary but average one Thursday each month.

Student Leadership – This group organizes and promotes a variety of student activities, such as dances, blood drives, Share Joys, and any other school related events.
Sponsor – Mr. Larson (J212)
Meetings held Monday nights at 7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria.